Publications Ethics Policy

Singapore Inno Science Press is a member of Committee on Publication Ethics. All articles submitted to Singapore Inno Science Press are scrutinised for plagiarism using tools which check for similarity. This is necessary to protect the reputation of our journal as well as the reputation of genuine authors who transgress without fraudulent intent.

Singapore Inno Science Press, its editors, reviewers and staff take reasonably sufficient steps to avoid any untoward incident.

However, authors should take the following steps to prevent any charges of ethical misconduct-

   1.Make sure that the article is not submitted to multiple journals.

  2.Make sure that the submitted article is original.

  3.Make sure that the data submitted is authentic.

  4.Make sure that images and tables submitted are original and not sourced from the internet. Similarity check software usually cannot check images. So, it becomes more important for the author to take additional steps regarding this issue.

  5.Provide citations wherever necessary without fail.

  6.Add names of all authors who have contributed significantly to the research.

  7.Provide acknowledgment to all others who have assisted in the research but who do not fall under the category of contributing authors.

  8.Disclose all sources of funding if relevant.

  9.Provide accurate contact details of corresponding author.

  10.Openly disclose any conflict of interest by promptly filling and submitting ICMJE COI form along with the article.

  11.Fully cooperate with subsequent investigations if any.


Action taken if ethical misconduct is found post publication-

  1.Investigation is started promptly.

  2.A statement of retraction may be issued after following the due process as per COPE guidelines.

  3.Institution may be contacted regarding the same.

  4.Temporary or permanent ban on author/s depending on the case in question.